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traditional vs e-design 

Both Traditional & E-Design are great choices in their own right for when you want to make some changes to your space, but they have some key differences!

traditional design

In traditional design, there is undoubtedly more one-on-one time between the client and designer. This can include several meetings to go over all the aspects of the design to ensure we are on the same page.  I will take on the role of measurements, hiring, and execution of design, which is often why the price differs from E-Design projects. Traditional design will also generally take longer as it is more involved and could include big design changes from new flooring, to lighting and countertops to possibly even tearing down walls for a complete re-design of a room. The other benefits of choosing this option is that I am able to see the space in-person, as well as the materials and samples in the rooms.  While I can also do this with E-Design, often it is limited to some fabric and paint swatches. This option is best for larger projects and for clients who wish to have the designer do most, if not all of the leg-work.

Benefits of Traditional Design:

designer involved in all aspects of executing design

Full service design

Luxury of seeing the materials in person to get the best result

custom orders can be made 

purchasing of goods 

ability to receive designer trade discount on some items 


E-Design is a great choice for those DIY-er's out there or those with smaller projects.  You will still get the attentive service as if it were In-Person but it is all done virtually via Zoom/Skype and Email. With the DIY approach to E-Design, the client will be in charge of doing all the measurements and taking photos of the space, then I come up with the design and guidelines for you to implement yourself at your own pace! While choosing paint swatches or other materials, I will do the best I can to order samples to put together the best design for you as many colors or textures can look much different online. The turn around time for receiving your full E-Design package is also much quicker at around 2-4 weeks depending on the project.  

Benefits of E-Design:

at your own pace 


Faster Design Process

all done virtually

Generally less expensive 

What you get with both

While Traditional & E-Design have some differences, like the timeframe, cost and the approach- they both also offer the same key services, including: 

3-D Rendering

(Traditional and PREMIUM E-Design package)

furniture selections (depending on package)

full communication with designer

concept boards 

floor plans

styling suggestions

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