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Virtual Home Staging
Photo Requirements

Before submitting photos for virtual home staging services, please carefully review the following photo requirements:


Image Quality







Clutter Free Space


Straight Angles


Unaltered Images

Image Quality

  • Photos must be high-resolution with a minimum resolution of [specified resolution] pixels.

  • Blurry, pixelated, or low-quality images may result in suboptimal virtual staging results.


  • Photos should be well-lit to accurately capture the details of the property.

  • Avoid submitting images with extreme shadows or overexposure.


  • Provide clear and comprehensive shots of each room, capturing the entire space from multiple angles.

  • Ensure that key features of the room, such as windows and focal points, are visible.

Clutter-Free Spaces

  • Declutter the spaces before taking photos to allow for effective virtual staging.

  • Remove personal items, excessive furniture, and any distracting elements from the frame.

Straight Angles

  • Take photos from straight angles to accurately represent the proportions and layout of the room.

  • Avoid extreme angles or tilting the camera to ensure realistic virtual staging results.

Unaltered Images

  • Do not edit or alter the submitted photos before uploading them for virtual staging.

  • Any edits may impact the accuracy of the staging process.

Ownership & Rights

By submitting photos, you confirm that you own the rights to the images and have the authority to use them for virtual staging purposes.

Failure to adhere to these photo requirements may impact the quality of the virtual staging results. The virtual staging provider reserves the right to reject photos that do not meet these specifications.

If you have any questions regarding the photo requirements or encounter difficulties in complying with them, please contact the virtual staging provider for assistance before submitting your photos.

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